A vigil is a good time to reflect on life’s transitions

Unabridged from my Bonus Years column in the Lifestyle section of The Sunday Capital, Annapolis, Maryland.

The vigil. It began 12 days ago when we received a phone call from family friends who’ve retired in Florida.  They had stopped by to visit my mother, known to her friends as Ginny.  Ginny  is “97 and three-fourths” – her words – and has lived independently on Ft. Myers Beach since 1982 where she and my father retired, though my father, a picture of good health at the time,  passed away a few months later.  When we answered the phone around 5:00 pm, we learned she had a worrisome inflammation of the tissues in her legs (called cellulitis) – a serious and sometimes life-threatening condition.  Our friends – one a retired physician – called 911 to get her to the emergency room.

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