Phil Burgess at Purdue University

By Phil Burgess | November 18, 2021

Bonus Years on Changing the Rules Podcast

By Phil Burgess | January 30, 2020

Listen as we chat with Ray Loewe about living with purpose in your Bonus Years! EPISODE SUMMARY “It’s better to wear out than to rust out.” This is the wisdom Phil Burgess found after “failing at retirement twice.” After his several false starts at retirement, and lots of self-reflection, Phil wrote a book called, “Reboot:…

Phil Burgess Interview – SMART Infrastructure Facility Interview

By Phil Burgess | September 4, 2019

Phil Burgess — President The Annapolis Institute, educator, writer, business executive and former Telstra Group Managing Director, Public Policy and Communications speaks about how Intelligent Control Systems— Sensornetics — are changing management of the Engineered World.

Bonus Years Interview in the Talbot Spy

By Phil Burgess | May 30, 2019

The following article is used with permission from “Better to Wear Out Than Rust Out While Aging with Phil Burgess” by Dave Wheelan, published on May 28th in the Talbot Spy. For the last four years, the Senior Summit, an annual gathering for seniors, children of seniors, and caregivers on the Mid-Shore, has gone out…

A youtube thumbnail of Phil Burgess talking with the hosts of "Breaking the Rules"

Breaking the Rules – Phil Burgess, guest

By Phil Burgess | November 7, 2018

Phil Burgess, author of “Reboot!” and a weekly column called Bonus Years discusses his beliefs about the importance of managing your retirement. Stay engaged, help others and be productive. His book, Reboot! is filled with ideas, plans and instructions on how to reboot your own life.

A youtube thumbnail of Phil Burgess being interviewed on a TV Spot

Phil Burgess speaks on his final day at Telstra

By Phil Burgess | September 8, 2008

Dr Phil Burgess talks to nowwearetalking’s Chief Editor, Jeremy Mitchell, on his last day at Telstra.

A Youtube Thumbnail of Phil Burgess speaking on a stage

Telstra’s Phil Burgess, Rural Press Club of Victoria

By Phil Burgess | April 27, 2008

Telstra’s Dr Phil Burgess provides a unique insight into how healthcare, education, tourism, agriculture and the environment can all be greatly enhanced through the innovative use of technology in his speech “Plugging the leaks: building high performance communities in rural Australia” which was presented to the Rural Press Club of Victoria’s 4th general meeting for…

A Youtube thumbnail of Phil Burgess speaking on stage in a keynote setting

Telstra’s Phil Burgess – CommsDay Summit 2008

By Phil Burgess | April 17, 2008

Telstra’s Dr Phil Burgess spoke at the CommsDay Summit held in Sydney, April 2008. Phil argued Barry Hall from the Sydney Swans is enjoying a free ride after his seven week suspension handed down by the AFL Tribunal because of the legacy that Graeme Samuel, now head of the ACCC, left when he was an…