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Archive for October 1991

Airline to cities: Don’t ignore us Second in a series

Tourism (including travel), now the world’s largest industry, is dominated by transportation. Transportation accounts for about half the $652 billion spent in the tourism industry in the U.S. last year. From ski boots to souvenirs, travel-related purchases account for 21%. Food (14%), lodging (10%) and entertainment (5%) complete the picture. Though most people travel by…

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Senate debacle has silver lining

This is D-Day. If everything goes as planned, the Senate will vote tonight on the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court. The vote comes none too soon. Both Clarence Thomas (win or lose tonight) and Anita Hill are losers. Their reputations are sullied. Their veracity in doubt. One of them lied, under…

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Newsweek’s West at war with Truth

In its Sept. 30 cover story “The War for the West”Newsweek magazine describes an American West that resembles the real West about as much as a Hollywood movie script. Down to its cover art, it’s a rehash of a Sept. 17, 1979 Newsweek cover story, “The Angry West.” Here is a summary of what Newsweek missed: Cities. The West is…

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