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Archive for April 1993

Cynicism grips Mexico’s people

Amid increasing concern about growth, pollution and gridlock in many cities and towns in the Sunbelt and Mountain West, some people see advanced telecomputing technologies as part of the solution. Reason: Telecom advocates believe telecomputing will reduce the demand for travel as digital traffic on the national information infrastructure (NII) replaces, air, truck and other…

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Clinton Budget Fakes Deficit Reduction

Every morning at 6:00 am I wake up to the mellifluous tones of National Public Radio’s Bob Edwards reading the morning headlines. Last week, Edwards opened my day with “President Clinton’s $500 billion deficit reduction package goes to Congress today.” A $500 billion deficit reduction package? This latest example of Washington, D.C., doublespeak — saying…

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Reform running into roadblocks

Even though the President’s Task Force on National Health Care Reform has been in business since January 25, it looks like the wheels are coming off — and it has not yet left the garage. Late last week task force director Ira Magaziner said the group would not make the president’s May 3rd deadline. Sources…

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