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Archive for November 1993

Globalese, from NICS to NIES

For the past two weeks, NAFTA and APEC have dominated the news. As the global economy expands, we are increasingly exposed to stories about how it works. So here’s a lexicon of key institutional players in the Asia-Pacific region, the newest region on America’s international radar screen. APEC: The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum met in…

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A time to reflect on role of religion

Thanksgiving is a good time. It’s a time for celebration and a time for reflection. Most cultures celebrate a thanksgiving — an autumn festival where friends and family come together to thank God for plentiful crops, good fortune and other blessings received during the year. So too in America. That’s why this week is a…

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Babbitt’s chance to mend his ways

Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt will be in Colorado this week. His visit comes on the heels of a string of defeats for his controversial plans to rewrite the rules of the game for managing public lands in the West. Earlier this year, the White House left Secretary Babbitt at the altar when it deleted his…

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President raises stakes on trade

The North American Free Trade Agreement debate took a sharp turn last week. For the first time, pro-NAFTA forces are on the offensive and gaining momentum. The primary difference is the President, who has come out four-square for NAFTA. He blasted his friends in the labor movement for strong-arm tactics, which include muscling Democrat members…

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NAFTA foes play with the numbers

As President Clinton fights to win approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the most vocal and effective opposition comes from the president’s own party — led by House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri and House Whip David Bonior of Michigan — and organized labor, which is pouring millions of dollars of union…

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