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Archive for October 1993

Shrill voices attack NAFTA

Some people–who properly recall from 11th grade civics that treaties are ratified by the U.S. Senate, not the entire Congress — are asking why both houses of Congress are passing judgment on the North American Free Trade Agreement. Because Congress must pass implementing legislation for NAFTA (signed on Dec. 17, 1992) and for the side…

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Grazing fees are federal smokescreen

The initiative to raise grazing fees on federal lands may be decided in Congress this week. Unfortunately, grazing fees are simply a smokescreen for three hidden agendas ruthlessly pursued by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt: First, Babbitt would eliminate marginal ranchers in favor of West coast developers. If marginal ranchers can be denied access to public…

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Ill side-effects of health policy

Although the secrecy surrounding the Clinton administration’s health security “initiative” was more like the premiere of Jurassic Park than the Manhattan Project, people are still being surprised by what they are finding. Some economists are now forecasting that the “employer mandate,” which requires employers to pay 80% or more of each employee’s health insurance premium, could cost…

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Health plan puts small business on critical list

The Clintons’ health-security plan is now on the table. Though many stakeholders are nibbling around the edges — e.g., physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical and insurance companies — the real opposition will come from small business and the people they employ. Reason: The new health-security plan imposes a huge new “employee tax” on American business. This so-called…

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