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Archive for February 1997

Our can-do spirit is being crushed

From the Pilgrims to home-based business owners, possibility thinking and the can-do spirit — coupled with limited government and relatively low taxes — gave Americans the most freedom, the highest standard of living and the greatest opportunity for self-improvement and social mobility. But the fundamentals that gave rise to opportunity and prosperity in the U.S.…

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Doubters replace dreamers, doers

We celebrated Presidents Day on Monday. It’s no longer George Washington and Abe Lincoln, men of vision, courage and achievement — heroes, to use a term that is now out of favor. Presidents Day just blends them all together — Harry Truman with John Tyler and Thomas Jefferson with Chester Arthur. It’s better that way.…

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Telecomputing touches masses

Telemedicine. Distance learning. Telecommuting. It’s a fact: Most of the new terms used to describe the brave new world of telecommunications focus on the interests and activities of professionals — e.g., physicians, teachers, knowledge workers. The ordinary consumer, one might think, has been left out of the “transition from pots to pans” — i.e., from…

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