You can’t separate a boy from his toys, no matter his age

I’ve known Bill Lesko for more than two decades. But not really, I discovered. Last week, I found out why: Lesko and his partner, Martha Fox, a retired elementary school math teacher, are always on the go. Lesko is always interesting – beginning with his six-years of volunteer work to restore and crew the SS…

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Thanksgiving, fall’s finale, is just around the corner

Thursday next is Thanksgiving – first proclaimed by George Washington in 1789 and formally established as a national holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. None of us should need a special day to count our blessings or express gratitude. Still, Thanksgiving is a special American celebration – dating back to the Pilgrims’ landing in Massachusetts…

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Breaking the Rules – Phil Burgess, guest

A youtube thumbnail of Phil Burgess talking with the hosts of "Breaking the Rules"

Phil Burgess, author of “Reboot!” and a weekly column called Bonus Years discusses his beliefs about the importance of managing your retirement. Stay engaged, help others and be productive. His book, Reboot! is filled with ideas, plans and instructions on how to reboot your own life.

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