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Archive for June 1992

Industrial policy strips the gears

Bill Clinton says we need a national “economic strategy” to revitalize the U.S. economy. Ross Perot speaks with admiration of the “coordinated” way the Japanese seem to run their economy and advocates a similar approach to “reindustrialize” America. Favorable stories on “industrial policy” have been given prominent attention by the national media. Whatever you call…

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Missing in Rio: Let freedom rip

At the recent Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, President Bush and the U.S. government were said to be “isolated,” “out of sync,” with the world community, “out of step” and “going against the tide of history.” In fact, the opposite is true. It was the Earth Summit and the United Nations Summiteers who…

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In Chancy times lone eagles soar

Changes in how people live and work are a major characteristic of the New Economy. According to Dunn and Bradstreet, there are about 20 million business enterprises in the U.S. Only 4.4 million are corporations, though they employ more than half the labor force. The rest are partnerships (1.8 million) or sole proprietorships (14.2 million).…

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Manufacturing fancy and facts

Last week speaking at the NAACP convention in Nashville, presidential hopefuls Bill Clinton and Ross Perot addressed economic policy and problems with the national economy. Both wannabees talked about an America in decline and used the “decline” of U.S. manufacturing as one of their indicators. Here’s another example, in the immortal words of Will Rogers,…

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