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Archive for October 1992

School reform is inevitable

High drama, comedy and dark humor seem to be driving public discussion of the public school amendments ‹ both the “tax now/reform later” proposal (Amendment 6) and the proposal to give school choice to everyone, not just the rich (Amendment 7). Somehow, in all this discussion of budgets, regulations and the public school “system,” there…

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Global issues? Not in this race

In this lamentable presidential campaign, there is scant attention to international issues. Yet for the U.S. – the world’s largest trading nation and the world’s only remaining superpower – momentous issues are in play. In Europe, the movement toward political and monetary unification, symbolized by the Maastricht Treaty, is unraveling. Slow growth and continued high…

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Vouchers can fix the system

No issue on the Nov. 3 ballot is more important for Colorado’s future than Amendment 7 to create vouchers for school choice. Reason: Public schools are in trouble. They are not performing. Colorado Governor Roy Romer and the National Governor’s Association have been leaders nationally in documenting the extent to which public schools are failing…

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Protest obscures epochal event

October 12 is Columbus Day, and this year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the landing of Columbus in the islands of the Western Hemisphere. The state of Colorado, in 1907, was the first to declare Columbus Day a legal holiday. Pueblo, in 1905, was the first to unveil a monument to Columbus. The rest…

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