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Archive for May 1993

Three Responses to New Economy

Bozeman, Mont.— Sit, fight or run. These are your options if you live in a state racked by the changes in America’s New Economy. For example, demographic change is causing Montana to lose one of its two seats in Congress. And federal policy has taken its toll. Transportation deregulation has left many Montana communities stranded,…

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Urban base camps drive new tourism

The travel and tourism industry is big business. It is also the nation’s primary source of foreign exchange earnings — more than $64 billion last year — considerably more than agriculture, which used to be in first place. One of the most rapidly growing segments of the tourism business is urban tourism — even in…

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Superhighway to tomorrow

Like May 25, 1961, when President John F. Kennedy laid out his vision of sending an American to the moon and bringing him back again, May 17, 1993, will be a major milestone in the history of what author George Gilder calls the telecosm. Reason: that was the day that two of America’s largest corporations…

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