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Archive for December 1995

Principle-driven change a new idea

Reporting and commentary on the budget standoff between the Republican-controlled Congress and President Clinton have been interesting to watch — in the sense that it is interesting to watch a three-year-old try to tie his shoes. Reason: reporting on principle-centered people who are pursuing principle-centered objectives — such as the House Republican freshmen, who ran…

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Story-telling great Christmas tradition

Three years ago, while standing in line to pay for Christmas decorations at a local nursery, a book calledChristmas in My Heart: A Treasury of Old-Fashioned Christmas Stories caught my eye. The book was compiled and edited by Joe Wheeler, chair of the English Department at Maryland’s Columbia Union College. I have always liked stories –…

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Sydney: West’s gateway to Asia

SYDNEY, Australia — Viewed from the U.S. or Europe the rapidly growing economies of the Asian Rim are attractive but often bewildering markets. Asia-Pacific markets are attractive because, taken together, their economies are nearly as large as the U.S. — and they are growing very rapidly. According to a report released this week, the 10…

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