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Archive for March 1994

Calif.’s demise overdramatized

LOS ANGELES — Eastern media love to hate California: “The Promised Land now seems like the Valley of the Damned,” opined U.S. News & World Report in the wake of recent natural disasters — earthquakes, fires and mudslides — which came on top of recession, deep cuts in defense spending, cratering real estate values, a…

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Real question: Will DIA work?

Denver International Airport is suddenly national news. It’s late opening. At $3 billion and counting, it’s over budget. The high-tech baggage system isn’t working. Surface transportation to the new facility is inadequate. Questions are being raised about financial and project management. And with its progenitor sitting as US transpotation secretary, the land sharks are circling.…

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Superhighway hits FCC detour

The much ballyhooed merger between Bell Atlantic and cable TV giant Tele-Communications, Inc. aborted last week. Primary reason: A decision by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back rates for basic services (a new 7% reduction on top of last year’s 10% cut) and impose new regulations on the cable industry. These new uncertainties made…

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