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Archive for February 1993

BTU tax kills jobs, slows growth

Imagine a headline proclaiming, “Clinton proposes 98% tax on computers made in the Silicon Valley.” The subhead reads: “Computers made in Indiana to be taxed 29%.” People would properly ask: Why does the administration pick on one industry to carry so much of the burden of its tax proposals? Why did the administration select a…

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Activist agenda cuts both ways

Watching journalists on the weekend news interview shows, I was startled by the confidence — no, the joy — they seem to have in activist government and their warm feelings for more taxes and spending. It’s understandable. Activist government provides one-stop shopping for journalists who have to write a story each day. It is much…

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Energy tax fails fairness test

As the Clinton Administration assembles its economic package for the President’s state of the union address on February 17, it’s clear the package will include new taxes. There will certainly be the promised “tax on the rich.” But an energy tax of some kind also appears likely. Because energy fuels our industrial and transportation systems,…

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Coal tax would burn business

After running on a platform to get the economy moving again, the Clinton administration came out of the gates with a social agenda (abortion and gay rights) and an agenda for new taxes. Unfortunately, these are not elements of an economic policy that will create jobs, promote economic growth and increase American competitiveness. But the…

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