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Archive for June 1993

Biotech boom centered in West

The western region of the United States is uniquely positioned to lead a 21st century global revolution in biotechnology. Biotech innovation will drive economic growth. It will change the way we fight disease, grow crops and achieve a clean and safe environment. These are some of the punch lines of Biotech Century Dawns in the Western…

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Federal money won’t fix cities

The bankruptcy of ideas among America’s urban leaders is on full view this week as the U.S. Conference of Mayors meets in New York City. The message big city mayors have chosen to send to the American people is anemic and uninspiring: They want more “federal” money and are disappointed that the President and Congress…

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L.A. vote shows Clinton constituency collapsing

Taxes up. Violence up. Out-of-control school bureaucracies. Excuses by people in high places for uncivilized behavior. Intrusive government. Plummeting property values. What does it all add up to? The takeover of America’s largest city, Los Angeles, by Richard Riordan, a white, conservative Republican male — the antithesis of political correctness in the world’s most multicultural…

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Transition politics full of surprises

Watching the news unfold over the past week, I was reminded of a friend’s comment on the evening of February 17, following Bill Clinton’s first State of the Union Address. My friend, a Clinton political operative disappointed that the President had come down on the side of tax and spend rather than deficit reduction, said,…

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