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Archive for September 1993

Bigger doesn’t mean better for health plan

Last week’s news had a familiar ring. On Wednesday, President Clinton outlined his health-reform plan. The plan, straight from the playbook of Franklin D. Roosevelt, is Old Democrat to the core: more taxes, more spending, a new entitlement, a new bureaucracy to run “the system,” and new powers to the federal government to run our…

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NAFTA’s promise is in the numbers

NAFTA is in trouble in Congress. There is no question about that. But, to put all this in perspective, since Secretary of State Cordell Hull’s reciprocal trade agreements in the 1930s, trade pacts have almost always had problems when they first hit Capitol Hill. Last week, The Wall Street Journal said that “Clinton’s task in selling NAFTA…

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NAFTA takes greener path

The Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and other national environmental organizations have joined forces to derail the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Some are organizing opposition in Congress. Others have filed suit in federal court to obtain a court order to prevent consummation of the pact until an environmental impact statement has been…

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NAFTA position pulls Perot down

Treats this week include NAFTA foe Ross Perot’s newest book, “Save Your Job, Save Our Country,” his latest attack on the North American Free Trade Agreement. When Perot wants to limit government and reduce the deficit, he wins the support of many Americans — in part because many Americans think government is too big and…

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