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Archive for April 1995

The New West: Mild and wild, it’s the region for the next century

Various descriptions are used to characterize the major changes sweeping the United States and the world: revolution, a new civilization, the third Wave, the new Information Age. Whatever the label, these forces are responsible for five fundamental shifts that are creating a “New West” in America. They are: migration, urbanization, diversification, globalization and gentrification. Migration. Since…

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Wyoming tends to its ‘gardening’

CASPER, Wyo. — Sixty years ago, Mississippi governor Hugh White established a program called Balance Agriculture with Industry. Purpose: To couple Mississippi’s low taxes, cheap land, unskilled labor and low wages with tax abatements and other subsidies — called “incentives” — to entice Northern industries to expand or relocate in the South. With this program,…

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Tax limits bring economic growth

Yesterday was tax day for millions of Americans — as they filed their federal income tax returns. According to IRS estimates, individuals spend about 1.7 billion hours on tax-related paperwork; businesses spend another 3.4 billion hours. The Tax Foundation estimates the cost of compliance with federal tax laws will approach $200 billion this year. Yesterday…

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Despite crises, Mexico has hope

MEXICO CITY — This is my first visit to Mexico since last December’s economic crisis, marked by the collapse of the peso. At first glance, everything seems the same: Traffic jams, smog, parks and plazas jammed with young people, and families celebrating the start of Easter week; young boys crowding public baseball fields and basketball…

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