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Illuminating Later Life

How Baby Boomers became Luminaries, mapping uncharted territory
and new opportunities around increasing longevity.

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"It’s better to wear out than rust out.”  That is the message of Reboot!  For men and women navigating change and planning for life’s transitions – all the while striving to finish well – Reboot! provides a roadmap for living a life of meaning, challenging the reader to be a Luminary not a retiree.  Burgess boldly asserts that retirement is a deadly disease, and that work after a life of work is the best option for post-career years that are meaningful, productive, healthy, and satisfying.

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Bonus Years Biographies


Brenda Schoener

"We should not wait till the end to talk about life's lessons.  We should talk about them now, while I can.  It has prompted my friends and family to also share deeply with their dear ones the legacy they see in them. Everyone is enriched when they learn of their significance to you.  At some point you won't be able to tell them, so tell them now while you can."

Read more of Brenda's story here.


Craig Sewell

"I'm not changing my game. I'm just changing my approach to the game. As you grow older, you find that real change is too often measured in inches and feet and not miles, but you also learn that every foot counts and winners never quit."

Read more of Craig's story here.

The Length of Our Days

Days in the average American life span

Days in the average American retirement

Chances to leave
a legacy

Bonus Years Column

Unabridged articles from my Bonus Years column in the Lifestyle section of The Sunday Capital, Annapolis, Maryland

Civic innovations target needs of growing senior population

Though it’s a national sport to complain about our culture, much of what we “know” is fed to us by...

Both religious and secular traditions define Christmas

Monday is Christmas, the big day most of us have anticipated — and prepared for — since Thanksgiving. Christmas has...

Phil Burgess: You are never too old to dream or resolve to improve your life

As we celebrate New Year’s Eve, we should remember that “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book”...

Decide first where you want to live and then make a life there

Some years ago, when I was in my 40s and trying to decide what to do next, I sought the...

America’s 1968 Marine of the Year still fights for his brothers

It is important these days to draw a distinction between “celebrities” and “heroes.” Celebrities are people who are known for...

‘Three Guys’ come up with great ideas for successful aging

Most everyone has heard of Five Guys, the American fast-food chain focused on hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries. Many...

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