You don’t need a lot stuff or a lot of money to be happy

Unabridged from my Bonus Years column in the Lifestyle section of The Sunday Capital, Annapolis, Maryland

Talk about downsizing, here’s one that takes the cake:  How about trading a home of 3,000 square feet on five acres of land for a sailboat 28 feet long by 8.5 feet on the beam. By my calculations that’s 238 square feet – and it has to be shared with a diesel engine, galley, head and all the other “amenities” that go with a live-aboard sailing vessel.   For several years, this “home” of 238 square feet was shared by two adults, Dennis and Mary Mauck, and their two teen-aged boys, Collin and Darryl. But Dennis reminded me, “It was not that cramped.  Remember, we have two levels – the upper deck and the below deck.”  I thought Dennis was about to make a joke.

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