Making Later-Life Work

by Phil Burgess, Unabridged from the Life section of the Annapolis Capital, Sunday July 25, 2016

American culture continues to glamorize the retirement, “Golden Years” as a time for endless leisure and amusement. I have a different view of later-life for our nation’s Baby Boomers.  That’s why I’ve written Reboot!, to make the case for returning to work, in some capacity, after you “retire” – whether your retirement age is 50 or 65 or even 70.  In my view, retirement is a shop-worn practice, well past its “use by” date.

In short, we need to retire the word retirement and plan for a later-life that is full of new opportunities.  

Retirement for people with talent, energy and know-how makes no sense.  Retirement is not good for our health, wealth, or well-being – especially since many of us will spend more years in a post-career life than we spent in the workplace…and most of those will be healthy and productive years IF we search out ways to use our time, talent, and treasure to do work., work that sometimes screams for attention. is dedicated to encourage Boomers, who are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 18 years, to take up the life of a booter – by telling stories of successful bootersand by helping employers to establish more flexible workplaces with age-friendly policies and practices.  We invite you to join our community.

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