Legacies we leave to those who follow are built over a lifetime

Unabridged from my Bonus Years column in the Lifestyle section of The Sunday Capital, Annapolis, Maryland

Last week, following a three-day meeting in Miami, I decided to visit my mother.  So I rented a car and drove over to Ft. Myers Beach on Florida’s West Coast.  I called her first, so she would have time to get “prettied up.”  No surprise visits!  That’s a long-standing rule in our family. I arrived around noon after a peaceful drive through the Everglades on what they call Alligator Alley.  She was not only all spruced up, she had already prepared a nice lunch with some of my faves – including split pea soup with chunks of ham, toasted cheese sandwich with fresh tomato and a hint of mustard – and some diet Snapple, the raspberry tea variety.

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