Speeches and Briefings

The Global Boom & America's New Economy

  • Technology and Society: How Network Technologies from Railroads and Electric Power to Interstate and the Internet have Changed America
  • TIDES of the Millennium: Five Forces Shaping the Political Economy of America
  • The West Advances America's New Economy
  • Making It in America's New Economy

New American Workplace

  • Lone Eagles, Telework and America's Changing Lifestyles
  • The New American Workplace and America's Digital Revolution: Professional Nomads & Project Management
  • Telework and the New American Workplace

American Demographics

  • Westward Ho! Growth of the American West
  • Immigration, Migration and Globalization: A New Economy Story
  • Changing Markets, Changing Politics: Boomers and America's Aging Population


  • Sensornetics: Building a Nervous System for the Engineered World
  • The Digital Divide: It's not about computers. It's not about minorities. It's about community vitality, small business and jobs.
  • Trends in the Digital Culture: Business, Government and Social Movements
  • Telecommunications, Computers and the InfoCulture: How the Telecomputing Revolution is Changing the Way Americans Live, Work, Plan, Learn, Move About and Govern
  • Telewars: How Convergence, Consolidation and Competition are Shaped by Technology and Government

Technology & Society

  • Dreams and Doo Dads, Ideas and Gizmos: How Big Ideas and New Technology Combine to Shape Society

Economic Development

  • Building High-Performance Communities: Concepts, Strategies, Cases
  • Bunts and Singles, Hunters and Gardeners: Concepts and Strategies for Economic Development
  • The Focus on Bandwidth: It's not about computers. It's not about minorities. It's about community vitality, small business and jobs

America's Political Culture

  • From Partnership to Restoration: The Idea of Federalism in the Information Age
  • Relimiting Government, Refocusing Responsibilities: A 21st Century Challenge

America's Global Role

  • From Point Barrow to Tierra del Fuego: How North America and the Western Hemisphere are Shaping Geopolitical and Trade Calculations
  • Liberalization, Privatization and Democratization: Key to Hemispheric Transformation