Seminars and Workshops

Phil Burgess provides customized on-site seminars, workshops, overflights and windshield tours. Below are some examples of his seminars and workshops.

High-Performance Communites

The Institute for High-Performance Communities (HPCs) was created to help communities meet the challenges of the New Economy by creating livable places that work in the public, civic and enterprise sectors. The HPC Training Service provides technical assistance to communities while an innovative, one-day Training Seminar provides a new perspective on how local communities can succeed in the New Economy.

Overflight of the Norwegian Coast from Oslo to Kirkenes

This project, beginning in Oslo and ending in Kirkenes on the Russian border above the Arctic Circle - including Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Narvik - was sponsored by Volvo, Inc. (Sweden) and organized to assess economic development opportunities in Norway. (With Robert Panero).

Overflight of the coalfields of the Western US

For executives of Japanese coal-using industries (utilities, steel, cement) and U.S. coal producers. Sponsored by the public-private Western Coal Export Task Force.

Overflight of East Asian electric power industries

Tour of major electric power utilities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong for executives of U.S. coal chain industries (coal producers, railroads and ports). Sponsored by the five-nation Western Coal Export Council.

Overflight of Western Boomtowns

  • Workshop on trends in telecommunications technology - for Congressional staffers. Sponsored by the U.S. Telephone Association (USTA).
  • Windshield tour of 37 border crossings between the US and Mexico - for assessment of North American trade corridors. Sponsored by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).
  • Executive seminar on the Digital Divide - for Government Technology magazine.
  • Executive seminar on North American Trade Corridors - for Business Week magazine's executive forum series.