Special Reports


The Lone Eagles Reading File

A collection of essays and articles on the impact of Lone Eagles, a moniker invented by Phil Burgess for the growing number of entrepreneurs and freelance professionals who can live and work anyplace, primarily because of advances in telecommunications technologies.


Health Care on the Prairie

Conference moderated by Philip M. Burgess; report by Jeffrey C. Bauer
A special report from the June 8-9, 1998 conference where more than 100 health care providers, policy makers, economic development specialists, researchers and health care educators from 11 Midwestern states gathered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to examine health care and the Information Age.Health Care On The Prairie: Practice & Policy.


The "Other" Digital Divide

By Philip M. Burgess and Florine P. Raitano
This Special Report reflects findings and conclusions from the Center for the New West's national summit on America's Growing Digital Divide, held at the J.W. Marriott in downtown Washington, D.C. on Febrauary 16-17, 1999. This report also reflects papers, testimony and discussions from four regional forums held in 1998 in Souix Falls, South Dakota; Helena, Montana; Spokane, Washington; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.


America's Telecommunications Revolution

By Philip M. Burgess and Glenn Brown
This Special Report is based on four Western Regional Forums on America's Growing Digital Divide November 30 - December 10, 1998 in Helena, Montana; Spokane, Washington and Colorado Springs, Colorado. It also reflects the findings of a Regional Forum in Salt Lake City in July, 1997, and the most recent recommendation on universal service by the Federal/State Joint Board on November 23, 1998.



By Philip M. Burgess and Paul and Sarah Edwards
This special report reviews the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) movement that is rapidly changing the way Americans work. This report also explains how federal tax policy penalizes the growing number of Americans who work at home and offers recommendations for change in a proposed Home Business Equity and Economic Development Act.


West Advances America's New Economy

Major changes sweeping the nation and the world are rooted in the Western U.S., according to Philip M. Burgess. He outlines five "fundamental shifts" creating a "New West," including migration, urbanization, diversification, globalization and gentrification.


Energy Taxes Ill-Advised

By Philip M. Burgess, Ronald McMahan, and Mike Kelly
A carbon tax - a tax on greenhouse gas emissions by each energy source - would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, sharply reduce economic growth and, in fact, would harm the environment. This advisory presents facts and data that show how the focus on America's use of fossil fuels is misguided and ill-advised.