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Civic innovations target needs of growing senior population

Though it’s a national sport to complain about our culture, much of what we “know” is fed to us by national media that are fixated on what is nasty, brutish, scandalous or weird – all of which is amplified in the 24×7 national “news” cycle. But if we stand back and look at things, especially…

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Both religious and secular traditions define Christmas

Monday is Christmas, the big day most of us have anticipated — and prepared for — since Thanksgiving. Christmas has long played a large role in lives of most Americans. According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, 90 percent of Americans — and 95 percent of Christians — say they celebrate Christmas,…

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America’s 1968 Marine of the Year still fights for his brothers

It is important these days to draw a distinction between “celebrities” and “heroes.” Celebrities are people who are known for being known. They are products of the mass media and pop culture. Think Kim Kardashian or most People magazine cover stories. Celebrity is about “me” — just as post-modern man is “me-centered.” Heroes, by contrast, are people…

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‘Three Guys’ come up with great ideas for successful aging

Most everyone has heard of Five Guys, the American fast-food chain focused on hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries. Many know Two Men and a Truck, a nationwide franchise that provides local and interstate moving and storage services. But few know about Three Guys with Ideas. That’s why we are writing about them today. The…

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Learning from purpose-driven travel can enrich later life

Hopes and dreams are the stuff of life. Occasionally, we share our dreams — sometimes with family members and sometimes with close friends. It was during these sharing times that many I have known over the years would say, “I am really looking forward to retirement as a time to travel — to see new…

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Who needs Uber when there are kayaks to get around

It began last Sunday as Mary Sue and I were walking into the 8:15 a.m. service at the Naval Academy Chapel. That’s where we go to church each Sunday, and that’s where Mary Sue sings in the choir at the 11 a.m. service. In addition to midshipmen, townies are found in both services. However, the…

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